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Why is LOGO so important for your corporate image?

Why is LOGO so important for your corporate image?

Only 0.2% of people pay absolutely no attention to the branding of products. We have a visual memory, which is why we remember graphic content faster and for longer.

An experiment showed that people reading instructions with pictures had 323% better results than those with the same instructions, only without pictures.



All the above information, when put together, suggests that a company logo is an incredibly important thing.
The first thing is that it is on every product, but also on the company building and all the accessories associated with our brand.
Next to the name, the logo is the first thing a customer associates with our brand. The repeated exposure of the company logo, makes it more memorable and recognizable, even after a long break from the brand.
So what can you do to make your logo memorable? 


1. Simplicity and clarity



It is worth mentioning that the logo must be understandable for the audience. Every customer should be able to read the main idea of your company from this small picture.


He should notice the consistency with the type of industry you deal with. For this to happen, the logo must not be too complicated.
A small graphic with a lot of details will be hard to perceive and much less readable. In this regard, we should follow the saying “less is more”.



2. Find out who we are!


A logo is more than just a nice graphic design, it is a carrier of information, which is supposed to draw your recipients’ attention to the nature of your company.

It has to signal to whom the offer is addressed and what are the basic values of the brand.
Pay attention to the right choice of colours, form, or style you tend to maintain. At this stage, think about who you are targeting: identify the gender, age, wealth status of your audience. It all matters a great deal!


3. Observe your surroundings.


Remember that trends change and the world is constantly evolving. If your logo deviates from the image of your products, it may be worth considering a change.

A new logo will also come in handy when circumstances change or expand your business. Such an overhaul can create more interest in your industry because the change will suggest a fresh start to customers.
A good logo, and a good trademark, gain meaning and strength after a period of time.
But, some customers had to be practically forced to accept the logo despite the fact that it became globally recognisable after time.


So if you are considering whether to invest more funds in logo creation and have it done by a graphic design company, do not hesitate!
A logo is your business card for years to come, and the people who do this professionally know what to do to make you and your company successful with an original and unique company logo!



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