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Why is a mobile version of a website so important? 

Why is a mobile version of a website so important?

As many as 19% of people use their smartphones exclusively. After all, we have everything on them! Free access to social media, camera, camera, but also to email and other tools.


It is very important to create a mobile website, i.e. one that will be adapted to display content on different devices.

Users forced to “pinch the screen with their fingers” to zoom in and out of information will not stay on the site for long.

A site that is not mobile responsive will limit a large portion of the potential audience from using it. By providing users with a mobile version and intuitive site navigation, you will engage them to stay more than 10 seconds.

You may also be able to encourage them to make a purchase or contact you by email or phone. Such a solution is an ideal substitute for a web application, to begin with.


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