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Virtual Photography – how to save up to 90% on photo shoots?

Virtual Photography – how to save up to 90% on photo shoots?

Virtual Photography is a solution that allows to virtually create photos – adding elements, environments, objects, lights, models, special effects and much more.


How this solution can develop your business ?



How does it actually work?
Virtual Photography is a mix of multiple images, effects, lights, balances etc.
1. We add a photo or render of a real model, building or in this case a product.
2. We start building surroundings, background layers, first plan objects, etc.
3. When everything is adjusted and in place – we can start working on balances, colours and lights.
4. The end result is not only completely realistic but also stunning and beautiful.

This is perfect for your website, social media, blog, printed materials.

Virtual Photography is a fantastic solution that allows you to have amazing visuals, at a very low price. It’s perfect for all kinds of advertising, both online and printed. Great for any kind of static image.
View detailed info:
KARTS DESIGN Virtual Photography – pdf





Let your imagination run wild – we can create for you any photo shoot you can imagine.

More important – its costs will be up to 90% lower than in the case of such photo shoot in the real world.

Below – a comparison of 4 different photo shoots and their costs in the real world and Virtual Photography costs. Prices and costs are approximate for market averages in the UK.

Thank you very much for your interest in our work!
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