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The use of colour in marketing

The use of colour in marketing

Colours can influence a customer’s mood. They can encourage action, emotions. Studies show that up to 90% of customers’ impulsive opinions about a product are influenced by colour, and for 84% of consumers colour is the impulse to buy.

The choice of colour for a brand is an extremely important factor. The question is: How do you choose it wisely?




The colour of optimism, which attracts the fastest, i.e. we notice it first. It is associated with warmth, energy and confidence. It also stimulates the appetite.



It is the most stimulating colour, evoking passion and desire. A good example is red lighting, which results in a human reaction over 12% faster than any other light. This colour is perfect for sales, promotions etc.



Colour related to relaxation, peace and nature. Motivates people to join social groups. Suits to companies related to environmental protection or health care.




This colour gives a sense of security not only to customers but also to the brand. It is because it is the favourite colour of most people around the world.
As many as 45% of men say that the colour blue is their first choice.
Women chose it in second place, just after green. This colour gives a sense of calm, but also of strength and unity. However, should be avoided in the food industry as it causes a decrease in appetite.



Related to elegance, professionalism and strength. Used in luxury industries. It is the favourite colour of people aged between 16 and 25. Very universal, great as a background.

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