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Stand out from the competition – create unique branding

Stand out from the competition – create unique branding

You may wonder why some brands are successful in a given market and others aren’t. Let’s give Nike as an example, which is the most popular brand in the clothing industry.

Why do so many people buy Nike clothes even though you can find very similar clothes from another brand? Is our purchase decision based on trust in the brand?

It is worth noting the prestige of the company’s trademarks. Firstly, they are recognisable, and secondly, we associate them with sport and a healthy lifestyle. 



Trademarks appear in graphic or verbal form in order to make it as easy as possible for customers to choose the manufacturer and its products. The purpose of a trademark is to indicate the quality of a product and also to create quality. 

There are several types of trademarks: 

Graphic – this is the so-called “LOGO” of the company – that is, identification of the brand by means of a graphic sign. Thanks to it, it is possible to verify the company in an easy way. It should attract attention and be memorable. 
Learn more about logo.


Banners – a graphic form that conveys both advertising information and product parameters.


Colour composition – colour, colours, or their combination to create guidelines, which immediately associates with a particular brand. It can be arranged in a specific shape.
If a brand uses certain colours for a long time in its advertising campaign, customers will associate them with that brand.
As an example, we can give the violet colour, which for years has been used for the brand MILKA and by seeing the colour of the packaging itself we can associate it with the brand.


Only 0.2% of people pay absolutely no attention to the brand of products. Good logos should be created in such a way as to be memorable.
They should have positive associations and stand out from the competition. A trademark should be simple and intuitive. 


If your customers remember it, you have guaranteed success! 



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