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Show your best side: Facebook advertising

Show your best side: Facebook advertising

Every morning we wake up and start our day with an influx of different information. Radio. The television. Billboards that we pass while driving to work. All these means serve one purpose: to make the recipient interested.

The growth rate of advertising value notoriously goes up. In 2018 it exceeded 18% in Finland, 17% in Poland and 15% in the UK. A child watches an average of 40,000 TV advertising spots per year. More than $500 billion is spent on advertising worldwide each year. In 2000 US expenditure on Internet advertising amounted to USD 8.1 billion.

I don’t think anyone doubts anymore that advertising is a key means of persuasion needed by any business that wants to thrive.

Let’s focus on a specific area – Facebook.


1. Campaign – means choosing the target of your ad. To start, focus on: Reach, Activity and Traffic. REMEMBER – When choosing a target, ask yourself a fundamental question: what is the action the user is supposed to take after seeing your ad?
2. Ad settings – select the target audience. Focus on location (specify city, voivodship, country) and gender, age.
3. Ad design – create an appropriate creation.
Imagine how you would react to an advertisement for a product or service having an ugly picture? What would you think about the quality of this product at that moment?
Virtually all of us, would consider the products to be of low quality. Additionally, we would not evaluate them as an exclusive good.
Almost 60% of respondents considered the image to be the most important element of advertising, followed by words (26.2%) and music (11.8%). 
This is why the choice of graphics is crucial. It is important to pay attention to contrasts.
The product, which is the most important element of the advertisement, should stand out against the background and draw attention to itself.


Remember about properly selected colour in relation to our service. For example, blue is a calming colour, so it is ideal for the medical industry or any meditation services.


The colour yellow, on the other hand, increases appetite, hence its use in the catering industry such as Mcdonald’s.
Find out more about colours.


Another aspect is the inscriptions. They should be large and legible with a properly selected font.
Pay attention to what industry you operate in and in what style you want to create your ad. Only after determining these characteristics, choose the complementary subtitles.
Include bold or underlined keywords. The ones you want to draw the recipient’s attention to.


Once you have all of the above criteria covered, consider whether your advertisement conveys your message in a specific and clear way. Consider whether the design is interesting and qualitative enough.


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