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Instagram – what can you do to create an effective ad and not be overlooked? 

Instagram – what can you do to create an effective ad and not be overlooked?

The number of active accounts on Instagram per month exceeds 1,000,000,000 users. Half a billion users visit the application every day. 1,000,000,000 photos are published every day!


Everything indicates that Instagram has become a developed way to advertise yourself, but also your own business. There are 8 million active business accounts belonging to various companies, brands, or influential people. What is even more interesting, as many as 80% of us follow our favourite brands on a regular basis via Instagram.

There is only one conclusion: Instagram is a portal that is perfect for marketing and advertising.


Start reaching the people who matter most to you!


1. location – determine exactly what area your customers will be key to you from. Once you’ve pinpointed this, set guidelines in your app. 
2. Demographics – segment your audience by age, gender, or language. 
3. Interests – target your ads to people with specific interests. 




Now a question for you: What would you think if you saw an ad with ugly photographs? Would you continue to watch it or would you turn it off as soon as possible? And what would you think of the objects the ad depicts?
As many as 73% of people say that advertising has the biggest impact on them before they even go shopping.
Notice how strongly we suggest our own aesthetic judgment about things, people. What we like will stay in our memory for longer, but more importantly, we also want to look at that object for longer.


Studies have been carried out on newborn babies to see which people they look at longer, what catches their eye.
The result was unambiguous! Small children stare longer and want to maintain eye contact with pretty people.
The same applies to us. That is why it is so important to choose the right graphics. This is all the more important in the case of a portal that is focused on presenting all posts with graphics.


The colours that you will use to present a particular product play a big role. Before you start choosing the right colours, pay attention to what industry you want to create an advertisement or graphic for. What it should be associated with?
For example, if you want to create an ad that focuses on strong emotions, such as those associated with discounts or bargains, you should use red. While showing the product as an exclusive and high-quality good, it is suggested to use black.




We already have an attractive photo, properly selected colours for our field. Now you can focus on the last element, which is the inscription. Make the subtitle subtle, bright, clear, and visible.
The most important words can be bolded or underlined. Choose an appropriate font. Pay attention to the style of your graphics. Is it more modern? Or is it more old-school?



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