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How to make advertising an effective source of promotion? 

How to make advertising an effective source of promotion?

Nowadays, the world receives between 3,000 and 5,000 pieces of advertising information every day. This leads to an advertising clamour that is felt not only by consumers but also advertisers. The question we ask ourselves is “How can I create an ad that stands out from the crowd and is memorable?”.

It is difficult to define a single solution to this problem, but it is possible to identify individual phases of ad creation that will structure our actions.


The first of these is the divergence, or idea-gathering stage.

– We should start by thinking about what effect we want our ad to have?
– What emotions do we want to deliver to our recipients? 
– Then we determine the appropriate target group to which we will direct our advertising.
– What budget are we willing to start with?
– We analyse the competition and define the market.
– We choose the right content and media. 
After analysing all these factors, we can move on to the second, much more specific phase.


The second phase is called ,,convergent,, which is where you select and correct previous initiatives:

– It is about creating an advertising prototype that will allow us to select the right tools for the company’s overall marketing strategy. 
– It is important to carry out a study on the effectiveness of advertising.  
– We select persuasive techniques, ensure that the promise is delivered, and clearly communicate the product or service. 


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