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How our projects are created?

How our projects are created?

In our projects we combine knowledge from:

DesignPhotographyTechnologyBusinessPsychologySales Techniques –  Social ScienceStrategy DevelopmentCreative Thinking 

Our projects are not only the most visually attractive, but also reach the audience, achieve their goals, have a specific impact, affect emotions.
Karts Design’s projects can most accurately respond to your needs and develop your business.



How does it look technically?


In the beginning, there is always an idea… Not exactly.
In the beginning, there is always needs analysis. Background knowledge. Learning about your business.


Then there is an idea.    

Actually several ideas. Sometimes even a lot of ideas, until we find that one right idea, according to which the whole project can be created.



Then we start to build, the mood board, the idea board, the main concepts and the style of the project.



Upon approval, we start to build a project.
The building stage looks different depending on the type of project.
Below are some Virtual Photography projects.
KARTS DESIGN Virtual Photography – pdf


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