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How does colour influence the purchase decision?

How does colour influence the purchase decision?

Colour for every person is a key element when choosing a product, with as many as 65% of people admitting that colour is the most important factor that prompts them to make a purchase.

Interestingly, each shade and colour affects people in a different way, which is why psychologists recommend using specific colours for relevant industries.


For example, the colour red, which inspires desire, was chosen for the Ferrari brand…
Someone might say “coincidence”….
Nothing of the sort!


Another aspect is the level of reproduction of information. The most noticeable to the eye are the orange and yellow colours. Additionally, it can be mentioned that yellow is an ideal colour to promote gastronomy.
Maybe this colour helped the success of Mc’Donalds?


The opposite is true for blue. Studies have shown that this colour promotes appetite suppression and it is discouraged to use in food products.


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