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From click to decision – the AIDA advertising model

From click to decision – the AIDA advertising model

How do you influence people to use product X rather than Y if they have almost the same properties?

How to make your product memorable?

How do we make our advertising convert the best?

There is one answer – EMOTIONS.

Through emotions, you can open the hearts, minds and wallets of potential customers.

But beyond emotions, you need to have a specific plan, a system. That’s why today we’ll talk about the AIDA advertising model.







The average time users spend on a website is 15 seconds. In the era of the internet, it is difficult to capture a user’s attention for a longer time.


It can only be done through excellent quality content that provides value, stands out from the crowd and catches the eye.
– visual content is key – 91% of people like visual content over written content


– use contrasts


– dynamic images sell 32% better


– our brain processes images 60,000x faster than text





Once you have captured the attention of your audience – you need to keep them interested. Check and test what content is most interesting for your customers, what intrigues them most.
– be inspired by movies – people like watching movies because there are chases, shootings, intrigue, love and hate – a bit different than another product presentation, isn’t it?


– get inspired by TV – TV shows are emotionally engaging to the point that people watch hours of series or reality shows – why?


– whenever you see something interesting for yourself, think about why it is interesting (what emotions does it evoke? what associations? what topic does it relate to?) – how to transfer this to your advertising content?







“Desire is the essence of style, taste and composition” 



The factor that largely determines desire in the observer is the attractiveness of the stimulus. The more attractive it is, the longer the recipient is interested in it.


Even a few months old infants can recognise an attractive stimulus and spend more time observing it than an unattractive stimulus.


Observation on more than 100 newborns shows that they prefer attractive faces. Based on these and other research results, J.H. Langois formulated a thesis that man is born with a specific “beauty detector” Stimuli that are attractive to a person are more liked than those that are unattractive.


How to judge what is beautiful? – come on, check out our projects 🙂




The research clearly shows that CALL TO ACTION is key to high concurrency and great goal achievement.
So put a lot of attention into creating clear and good CALLS TO ACTION – it will pay off!


So now practice 🙂


Our call to action

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The AIDA model is an excellent way to structure our advertising activities. We can determine all the important elements of an advertising campaign that converts and sells.


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