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Fine feathers make fine birds – let’s talk about BRANDING

Fine feathers make fine birds – let’s talk about BRANDING

Visual identification is the basis of our brand’s image. The main idea is to create a clear and coherent market identification and to stand out from the crowd.

A visual identification system is a detailed description of visual and graphic elements used by our brand.

The identification must relate to the values, and culture of the organisation.




What basic elements are included in the corporate identity?





A logo is more than just a graphic, it is a carrier of information, which is supposed to draw your recipients’ attention to the character of your company.
A good logo and a good trademark, gain their strength after some time.



Find out more about LOGO




Colours play a key role in brand identity. With their help, we can adapt to a specific industry and persuade to the effects we expect.


By delving into colour psychology, we can find out which colour corresponds to which emotions and which industry it will best suit.


A simple example is red, which is perfect for all kinds of promotions and discounts.



Find out more about colours in marketing.






Proper selection of font sizes and genres, print thickness, and consistency of the overall composition will be an important aspect of identity creation.
Create a coherent and understandable design keeping in mind that each font has its best uses.
If you have a modern business, based on new technologies, it’s worth choosing modern and simple fonts.
If, on the other hand, we are dealing with a business related to the past, history, art, and other timeless factors, it is worth considering more sophisticated fonts.






If we focus on each of the aspects, listed above, we will be able to create a whole website that is compatible and suited.


Our customers must be fascinated by the graphics of our products, packaging.
We want to become above average and stand out from the crowd! That is our goal!





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