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DESIGN is the most important thing in the world! – really :)


Design is not only for beauty and aesthetics. Creative projects are intended, above all, for the common man. Designers enable each of us to browse the web, find information on instructions and brochures, choose food from a designed menu, feel good in a designed interior.

And much much more. Design affects every aspect of our lives and can make it easier or harder.


Besides, design is big business. Around 500 billion a year is spent on advertising – and advertising is all about creative, designed content. Design is essential to virtually every aspect of our lives, our business.
That is why we are trying hard to do our best. Design that looks great, but also works great.




Imagine a situation in which you go on the date of your dreams. The dream partner you have been dreaming about all night.
Now imagine buying a new car. You get behind the wheel, start the car, and drive away.  And what kind of car will it be? Why is it your dream car?
Ask yourself the key questions…
What do you focus on most?
What do you focus on first?


But what has all this to do with design? Let me explain…

You are probably among the 99% of people who first imagined the look of a car, the look of a partner. Looks are almost always the first thing we pay attention to. Not always the most important – but always the first.
You’re unlikely to want to drive a car you don’t like, or date someone you find ugly.



We are made to perceive, especially with our eyes. They transmit to us the most impulses and cause the greatest sensations. 
If you want to find out for yourself how sight affects your life, tie a scarf over your eyes and for one day perceive the world by omitting this almost most essential sense.


88% of perception is visual.

90% of the signals reaching your brain are images.




This is why it is so important to focus on visuals in the business. The business world is becoming more varied and diverse every year. We are moving our companies to a virtual platform, and as a result, we need to advertise our brand so that it stands out from the rest.
How do we take care of your brand image
If you have a Fiat, you don’t suddenly make it a Ferrari. The same applies to people. Do you want to become a supermodel? Wanting to is not enough! A proper diet and physical activity are just the seeds of all the systematic work.
It’s the same with your brand image. In order to present yourself on the page and attract customers, it has to be done at the highest level, and this requires years of experience and work.



85% of purchase decisions are influenced by the appearance of a product!

I don’t want to lie – you can not do it great yourself. 
It’s just like with anything else. It takes years of work and experience. Skills and knowledge.
At Karts Design we have gone through those years of learning, years of working for you!


All to present your business in the best possible way.
To turn a Fiat into a Ferrari in a few days!
To become a supermodel in a second! 


I always try to be honest with you, so I will tell you frankly – this is a promotional article 🙂
We can do a great job of presenting your company, showing your brand. We’ve been doing this for years – because we want to develop others, improve your business – and of course make money from it.


That’s enough self-promotion.
Now you can find out what you can do yourself to improve the perception of your business:
– Look after consistent and specific content that will best reach your audience
– Make sure your company shares helpful knowledge and interesting solutions
– Research, measure and improve – with data, you are in control, you can grow
Dress it all up in beautiful clothes – with Karts Design  
REMEMBER – fine feathers make fine birds!
And most importantly…

Love what you do.

When others sense the passion in you, you will be able to provide the highest level of service. That’s when your product will have the most value. Contrary to the catchy title of this article, this is what will be most important.

Make your products and services look great and reach for the stars with us!

Thank you for reading this article.

I hope you learned something interesting.
I am working hard to provide you with valuable and interesting knowledge – this is my gift.
Your gift could be to share this article on social media or show it to your friends – others can also gain knowledge and Karts Design can reach a larger audience and grow.
Thank you so much.

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