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Create, print, advertise – why do we need printed company materials? 

Create, print, advertise – why do we need printed company materials?

People remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual.


It is very important not to focus on brand communication alone, but to place the main emphasis on behaviour.
And what exactly does this mean? We are now no longer dealing with passive viewers who sit and wait to see what a brand has to say to them.

It is now actions that speak much better about values than words. The second point concerns the promises made by advertising, which are very easy to verify, if only by looking at the opinions of other users.
The conclusion from this is that all brands should focus on communicating only what they can deliver.
It is in this aspect that it will be very helpful to advertise our industry using company materials in the form of print. What materials will make potential customers remember our business?


1. Flyers

This is one of the eldest and well-known ways of marketing, but still incredibly effective. When you get your target audience right and you design your flyers so that they are eye-catching, you can count on success. Take note of how many flyers you get as you walk down the street. Have you ever remembered one of them? If so, why?
If you want to know more about the impact of graphics on the recipient – READ.

2. Business cards

“Fine feathers make fine birds”. There is a lot of truth in this saying. Business cards are our first introduction of the company to potential customers.
Let’s pay attention to the quality, composition and amount of information on a business card. It should be as coherent as possible with the assumptions of the whole company because it is the key and summary of everything we create.
Think about it:
How much information in a day are you able to remember? How many billboards you pass will stay in your head? We all have a limited memory capacity, so it is important not to overload our audience with information. Focus on quality rather than quantity.


3. Posters

Remember the days when everyone used to collect posters of their favourite singers, actors or footballers? What purpose did they serve then?
We haven’t thought about it, and the functions of all posters have long been the same. They play a promotional and informative role, but also a design role.
The more aesthetically pleasing, the more striking a poster is, the more people will not pass it by indifferently.
People are visual. 80% of people remember graphic information much better. This figure is incredibly high. It proves that the choice of colours, the adjustment of the right contrast, the font and, most importantly, the adjustment of the graphics is the solution to the perfect poster.
If you are interested in colours, READ.


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