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B2B selling: what is it and what are its most important principles? 

B2B selling: what is it and what are its most important principles?

As many as 61% of salespeople believe that it is much harder to sell a service or product today than it was a few years ago. Business-To-Business selling is mainly characterised by the fact that we evaluate the company and the sales service as a whole, rather than focusing on individual units.

30% of B2B marketers say that paid advertising is overrated, and the majority that decisions in this area are not made impulsively.



And why does this happen?
The answer is trivial: the focus here is not on soft skills, but on specific and targeted skills.
So how do you start?


Step 1: Research your needs


Diagnosing the customer’s current problems and needs is paramount. It is important to include the decision-making process itself, i.e. to find out who has the greatest influence on it. By looking in a different way you may understand the client’s perspectives and needs too narrowly.


Step 2: Demonstrate values


Remember that it doesn’t matter what you sell, your customer buys your values. Not products, not services. That’s not what they are willing to pay for. In B2B sales, value is an opportunity to make a profit or save money.
Maybe that’s why 55% of B2B buyers look to social media for information.
Additionally, if you have several people making a buying decision, you need to understand that value will be perceived differently for each of them.

Step 3: Nurture the relationship


Looking at the B2B perspective, closing any deals will be extended in time to be able to write down any details in contracts as accurately as possible. Even ones that may never happen. At this final stage, we may be tempted to use soft skills and empathy.


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