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3 unheard-of ways to make advertising memorable?

3 unheard-of ways to make advertising memorable?

Advertising is nothing but showing your brand and products from the best side, but there is one catch in this statement.

The most important thing is to make sure that our advertising is associated with our organization and gets stuck in people’s minds.

So how do we do this?


Almost 60% of surveyed considered the image to be the most important element of advertising, followed by words (26.2%) and music (11.8%).
According to the community, the most effective advertising messages are those containing a large dose of humour (58%) and featuring popular people.
This is important information and I don’t think any of you doubt it, but our goal today is to focus on something completely different. Surprising. Explore the deeper specifics of advertising and focus on elements you hadn’t considered before.


1. Perfect timing


One of the key factors in making an advert memorable is timing. Psychologists discovered long ago that the chances of remembering an advert increase when it is broadcast during a specific program.
We remember best the information which is at the beginning. Slightly worse are those presented at the end, and the worst is the messages in the middle. It is also worth mentioning that the better the program, the better the ad.

Viewers remember best the advertisements which are played during an interesting program, but in the least interesting parts of it.
The same is true of all kinds of websites. The system is identical. If you want your ad to be remembered, place it at the end or at the beginning of your page. Preferably at a point that minimally immerses the viewer.


2. The (un)perfect match


The human mind works in such a way that it easily picks up mismatched elements. Using such an element in your ad will increase the chances of it being remembered.
A good example can be any slogan in which a small stylistic error was made. Every person who looks at it and reads it will pay attention to this error and will wonder for a long time why it happened. Did the people who worked on the billboard overlook such an important point?
And there you have it! It’s a deliberate procedure that contributes to the memory of a given advertisement. Just remember that the element that demolishes the whole scheme should be done skillfully and “unconsciously”.


3. The ever-fashionable credibility of the source


It’s simple: the more reliable the source, the better the reception of the ad. The more time passes since we read the advertisement, the better impression it will make on us.
The timing of a sponsored article is also a very important factor. It is better to place it below the article or photo and not above it.
Otherwise, a large part of the recipients, due to a top-down bias towards the source, might not read a particular text or pay attention to the potential of given graphics.


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