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3 eye-catchers you can find on the internet – how to use them?

3 eye-catchers you’ll find on social media

What exactly is an eye-catcher? Some of you will ask.

When researching on Facebook or Instagram, we come across a large number of different advertising graphics.

Some of them, the ones that are remembered, have an element that can catch the eye and focus on the potential recipient. It is this element that has come to be known as eye-catching.

You need to be aware that a social media user interacts with your post or ad for an average of 2 seconds. So you only have this amount of time to catch their attention. During these 2 seconds, the viewer pays attention to:

– the image

– headline

– content


Now that we have the basics, i.e. attracting attention, we can move on. We will now focus on the individual eye-catchers!

1. A range of colours

The best colour for attracting attention is red. Yellow comes second, closely followed by orange.
This does not mean that only these three colours are recommended for effective advertising.
Contrasts also play a large role. The rule of thumb is that the greater the contrast, the more we pay attention to it.

2. Point of reference

A single point focuses the audience’s attention the most. If you are tempted to draw more, each one will cause an increasing distraction. It’s exactly the same with subtitles. A single word will have more power than an entire sentence. This is for two reasons:
– a single word will occupy more space, making it more visible
– the subconscious suggests to us that the more free space around an object, the more valuable it is to us

3. The magic of irregularity

Anything irregular, out of the norm, will generate interest. Notice that if you have a dozen triangles and among them, you meet one square, automatically your attention will be drawn to the shape that stands out from the rest.
The same is true with a font. If you are dealing with several words and one of them is written in a different font, it automatically becomes sharpened for us. Underlining or bolding individual words works the same way.


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