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How to read colours? Insights that will revolutionise your content

How to read colours? Insights that will revolutionise your content

Red is one of the most emotionally intense colours. This means that it is ideal for distinguishing all kinds of slogans such as ,,PROMOTION,, because sight first pays attention to this colour.Green is a colour closely related to security, so it is often used by banks.
The blue colour is used by companies that want to inspire the trust of their customers.

The black colour is characterized by elegance, leadership, and exclusivity.

Yellow is the colour of the sun, which is closely related to joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.

It was found that although yellow in large doses is the most tiring colour, it is also the most visible of all colours, as it is noticed by the human eye first.

Brown and beige are considered to be the colours of earth and wood, to which they owe their association with durability, timelessness, and trust.

Human reactions are more than 12% faster when a person is exposed to red, than in the case of another colour.

The intent of red increases blood pressure, while blue is supposed to have a calming effect.
Warm colours improve the mood and have a stimulating effect, while cold colors help to concentrate and distance the space.
In the presentation of photographs, black or grey backgrounds are used to expose other colours. 

Warm colours optically create the impression of getting closer to the viewer, while cold colours move away and “escape” towards the background.

As research shows, as much as 65% of customers consider colour to be the most important element when choosing products. 

In the literature on marketing and corporate image shaping, you can read about many colour combinations that are considered particularly beneficial and recommended. Each of them has a different ability to influence the customer and carries a correspondingly desirable message. 
Therefore, when using combinations, it is recommended that the colours used should be contrasting with each other, preferably in a combination of warm and cold. Too many colors on the packaging, in the logo, or on the website, for example, can cause communication noise, and the customer will get lost in the colour jungle.

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