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11 amazing facts about ads – learn how to improve your advertising

11 amazing facts about ads – learn how to improve your advertising

More than $500 billion is spent on advertising each year around the world.
It is very important that advertising is suggestive – the message should be as convincing as possible. Each person is persuaded by a different argument, therefore it must be adapted to each consumer.
In modern advertising, two basic functions can be seen: informative and emotional. The first one is to convey the necessary content, while the second one is to persuade a person to buy a particular Brand.

Survey participants aged 51-65 more often declared that an effective advertising message should be: short (55.6%), interesting (37.8%), and written in plain language (35.6%).

The image of the world of advertising reflects the image of the world of the group of buyers to whom it is addressed.

Perception and memory of ads depend not only on psychological laws. The content of an advertisement must be as good as the composition. The colours and themes used in the advertisement are also important.

90% of the information sent to the brain is visual information.
Almost 60% of the respondents considered the image to be the most important element of advertising, followed by words (26.2%) and music (11.8%).
IRCenter research also shows that people do not buy online spontaneously. More than 7 out of 10 purchases were caused by a specific, pre-existing need.

The eyesight is also attracted by contrast. People perceive elements that are significantly different from the rest. For example, white letters on a black background.

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