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Advertising – a developing hornet plague or a productive source of honey? 

Advertising – a developing hornet plague or a productive source of honey?

Every day we come across various forms of advertising. From banners to TV commercials, online advertising or the more old-fashioned methods in the form of flyers or advertisements in newspapers.

By the age of 65 a person watches an average of 2 million commercials. A child watches an average of 40 000 TV adverts a year. More than USD 500 billion is spent on advertising each year worldwide. Probably enough reasons to suggest that advertising these days is insanely important to any business.


However, many people will tell you that ads are an annoying means of persuasion. They are displayed too much, which creates a negative association with the product. So what can be used instead of the standard version of advertising?

1. Content marketing


Content marketing focuses on the concept of reaching customers with videos, articles, images and, of course, well-chosen content that is interesting for the target audience.
Behavioural psychology shows that people more effectively and quickly internalise views and attitudes which they consider to be their own, i.e. developed independently and not imposed from outside. Therefore, it may be worth abandoning aggressive forms of advertising and focusing on providing consumers with good content.


2. SEO


What is more important than easy access to the information? The main idea of SEO is to build a good website, which is the responsibility of a good IT specialist, and to publish useful content on it.
SEO is also influenced by the use of tags, headings and mid-headings, and the right choice of keywords. This is a technique that has a passive form, which is in line with the Inbound Marketing approach.

3. Inbound Marketing


It focuses on the fact that Internet users through modern Internet technologies can find a particular brand on their own. The idea is to have something to offer that will make them want to stay or return to a previously visited site.

The form of advertising has been changing, developing and expanding dramatically for many years. Ads are created in a completely different way than they used to be.
They are now tailored to the individual, through the collection of information about him or her.

They cease to have an intrusive style. Every internet user should be aware that every advertisement on the web is not random.
This is what makes us begin to appreciate this form of marketing and build it up as a productive source of honey rather than a developing plague of hornets. 

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