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KARTS DESIGN will help you grow your business with eye-catching projects and make your brand highly valuable at first sight.




We are a team of enthusiasts. We love what we do, we are constantly learning, constantly improving. We want to create the best possible designs for you and your business.
We work with graphic designers, photographers, brand managers, copywriters, ads specialists, marketers and programmers from all over the world – to provide you with services of the highest quality.




Founder and CEO – Kajetan Stachowiak

E-mail: kajetan@kartsdesign.com






Business Development – Aneta Sznicer

E-mail: aneta@kartsdesign.com










Karts Design Limited was founded in 2019 in London, United Kingdom.
We have found, that in the creative market, there are far too many artists and not enough business people who truly understand clients and their goals, struggles and needs.
And yet the Creative Market is not only for beauty and aesthetics. Creative projects are intended, above all, for the common man. Designers enable each of us to browse the web, find information on instructions and brochures, choose food from a designed menu and much much more. Design affects every aspect of our lives and can make it easier or harder.
Besides, design is big business. Around 500 billion a year is spent on advertising – and advertising is all about creative, designed content. Design is essential to virtually every aspect of our lives, our business. That’s why we try to do it at the highest possible level. Design that looks great, but also works great.
Karts Design was created to combine top-quality creative services, with an understanding of the market, business principles and strategy development. From the beginning, the company was organized to operate completely remotely with clients from all over the world. Since 2019, we have completed many projects, learned and taught many things. And we are still learning, still improving, still growing.
And the bottom line is that we love what we do –  because it feels great when you create something that helps others grow. When you can combine passion with work. When you can give that passion to others. With passion, we give the world our greatest gift – creativity. Creativity that helps change the world for the better.




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– We’ll help you make your business look great (fine feathers make fine birds)
– We design the visual elements your company needs (branding, ads, UXUI, graphic design, photography)
– We’ll save you time and money (automated design processes, quality, and performance testing, virtual photography, and much more)


Karts Design is the perfect partner for your business.


Wherever you are – you are just one e-mail away.

We work remotely with clients from all over the world.



Karts Design Limited
London, United Kingdom, 590 Kingston Road, SW20 8DN
Company Number 12240619, Incorporation – 3rd October 2019