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A diverse world of impressions – advertising on Pinterest 

A diverse world of impressions – advertising on Pinterest

For 65% of customers, colour is the most important factor when choosing a product for everyday use. It is only after several encounters with an advertisement that a potential buyer pays attention to a particular product. As many as 73% of people say that advertising influences them most before they even go shopping.

All of these factors suggest the importance of impressing potential customers before they choose to buy a particular product or service.
So how can you inspire your audience and with what source?

Pinterest is perfect for this!


It is a web app that is a source of inspiration for many people, including shoppers. It features images with links all over the web. This is what causes the huge reach and potential of this site.


Creating ads on Pinterest has a three-level structure:


1. Campaign- setting the goal and the limit of money we want to invest in our ad.
2. Ad group- this is where you decide where you want your ad to be displayed, set your budget and bid.
3. Advertising- this is a Pinterest post called a pin, which has unique advertising material and a separate URL visible by users.


As I highlighted earlier, Pinterest is a site focused on adding graphics and illustrations. Because of this, high-quality graphics that are well suited to your audience will be a key marketing consideration.
People remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. Pay attention to this data and create ads that intrigue and interest the recipient. It is also important to choose the right colours according to your profession.


For example, pink, light purple and light blue are ideal for the clothing industry. Additionally, we should pay attention to gender, which is the subject of the graphics created by us. The above three colours will work well for women.
When it comes to presenting the men’s clothing industry, completely different colours will persuade the awareness of gentlemen. Here it would be much better to use blue, navy blue or standard colours such as white or black.


And what else is important in advertising?


Pay attention to choosing the right font. Depending on what your industry does. Square fonts with sharply pointed letters and numbers will fit in much better with a modern ad design.
On the other hand, rounded ones, those “softer” in shape will perfectly blend in with women’s industries. Additionally, letters enriched with wrapping can be used.


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