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5 ways to double your sales

5 ways to double your sales

Do you dream of selling more? Would you like to be better than your competitors? Or maybe you are constantly tormented by the question: what are effective sales techniques? There is only one thing you can do, read our 5 ways and implement them in your daily business life!


1. Respond quickly to a contact request


Remember that your customer will not wait forever. Best Practices For Lead Response Management research shows that the chance of a sale drops as much as 10 times when a consultant responds to a contact request in 10 minutes.

If you take 30 minutes to respond, you’re looking at a 100-fold drop in sales. Time is very precious for all of us, so let’s take care of its management and try to answer as quickly as possible.

2. 6 contact attempts


Research shows that 44% of salespeople give up on the first attempt to contact their target customer. This is a big mistake!

80% of successful transactions required at least 5 phone calls or messages. We all respond much better to something we already know and are not familiar with.
The same is true for our clients. When they have had time to get to know our services, the chance of them using them will be significantly higher.


3. Smile!


It doesn’t matter whether you are talking to someone “face to face” or on the phone. Psychologists have proven that the intonation of our voice is completely different when we smile. We seem more energetic and happy then, which is sure to get our customers’ attention.

4. Social proof


We all do this when buying any untested product. Do you already know the answer? Yes, we look for reviews on the internet.
This is what social proof is all about: we confirm our own opinion on a subject by checking other people’s opinions. It’s also useful to use this in conversation, emphasizing your interest in a particular service or product.

5. Give choice


In his Journal of Consumer Research article, Daniel Mochon proved that customers are much more likely to buy when given a choice.
When talking to potential buyers of your goods, suggest several options.
Being able to choose gives us a sense of control and the ability to make an informed, rational decision.


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