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4 ways to attract customer attention to your website

4 ways to attract customer attention to your website

Being online, we come across a multitude of different websites. On most of them, we spend a few seconds scrolling through the information from top to bottom.

During this fraction of a minute, our brain can encode the most important information found in a given area and give us the right impulse to decide whether we will stay longer on a given page.

So what are the key elements that should be used to arouse the interest of your target customers? How to make them stay longer than just a few seconds? We have a solution for you!




It doesn’t matter what services you provide. No matter what products you sell. Always add attractive photos to your website.
Content on websites, enriched with graphics and photos, shows 90% more views.
Over 70% of shoppers believe that good graphics are more important than product information.
The same is true for consumers in online shops. According to an analysis of over one million articles by BuzzSomo, pages that have graphic elements placed on average every 75-100 words are twice as likely to be shared on social media.




Hick’s Law states that every choice we have to make increases its time. The more choices users have to make, the more difficult it is to take advantage of your offer. So it’s worth giving choices, but limited ones. One that is easy for users to make.
It’s also worth considering ready-made solutions that customers can use – rather than making more choices. People have problems with making decisions, so such a solution will benefit both them and our sales. 




Recent studies show that up to 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. This is very important information for every seller – it shows that a very large number of people can come across your website just from a mobile.
Make your website display well on mobile devices and be adapted to them. 




According to HubSpot’s research, companies who regularly add or modify elements to their website, i.e. do it 15 times a month or more, generate five times more traffic than those who make 1 or 2 changes a month.


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