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Which emotions are effective for advertising campaigns?

Which emotions are effective for advertising campaigns?

Everyone experiences different emotions during their lifetime. From the positive and motivating ones to the negative ones connected with sadness, pain or fear.

The same is true of advertising. To intrigue viewers, producers try to show them specific situations which are supposed to evoke emotionality.


And which ones are used most often?


Joy and fear are the dominant and most noticeable emotions in advertisements. Nothing is surprising in this.



What we fear evokes the strongest emotions. Of course, you can not scare the viewer – but a large part of the advertising messages focus on drawing attention to a specific problem.
And then showing the solution.


Then we subconsciously connect the specific brand mentioned in the message with the solution.




What makes us happy is strongly memorable. It is no coincidence that so many advertisements focus on evoking positive emotions.

Then, these positive emotions are subconsciously linked to the specific brand mentioned in the message.


Humorous adverts also have a very positive effect on the recipient. Not only are they ingrained in the memory, but they are also associated with something pleasant and cheerful, and by making people laugh they encourage them to show their content to others.

Remember one thing!


We must remember one key issue – every person interprets emotions a little differently. Therefore, one advertisement will evoke positive feelings in some people and slightly less positive ones in others. The most important thing is that the ad can motivate people to take the desired action.


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